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Artificial Lift Company, in collaboration with the Shoaibi Group, announced the successful installation of the first Rigless electrical submersible pump (ESP) string installed in the Middle East with Saudi Aramco.

The installation was performed in one of Saudi Aramco’s fields and comprised of a 134HP Rigless ESP system with a 6000 barrel-per-day pump. The system includes the Artificial Lift Company proprietary Permanent Magnet Motors and Wet Connect system. The unit was installed at a depth of 6,119 feet and included the installation of a downhole ESP gauge, packer, and subsurface safety valve assemblies. Saudi Aramco has provided a platform for further installations throughout the Middle East with several operators already showing a desire to use this technology. Artificial Lift Company’s Rigless ESP technology provides an opportunity for clients to retrieve the ESP string without a rig, realizing significant benefits through cost savings on rig utilization and electricity expenditures, decreased downtime, and less oil deferment.

“Artificial Lift Company is honored to work with a company of such high caliber as Saudi Aramco, enabling them to achieve a level of optimization consistent with their production goals,” stated Alan Petrie, Business Development Manager, Saudi Arabia, for Artificial Lift Company.

“Technology like the ALC Advantage System (Rigless ESP Solution) and the ALC Accelerator System (Permanent Magnet Motors for tubing conveyed deployment), combined with quality and service excellence will profoundly transform how we produce ESP wells. The opportunity to partner with Saudi Aramco on this project, with continued support from Shoaibi Group, only furthers the impact that Artificial Lift Company is having in this important arena, ” stated Alex Kosmala, CEO of Artificial Lift Company.

The success of this installation follows closely on three wells in Alaska where the Artificial Lift Company installation team’s experience now establishes them as a global leader in providing Rigless ESP technology.

“This milestone installation validates Shoaibi Group’s ability to actively identify and invest in industry changing technologies that benefit energy providers across the MENA region. We look forward to continue supporting and providing ALC with all the necessary resources that will enable them to implement further successful installations across the Middle East,” stated Mark Jenkins, Shoaibi Group Director, and appointed ALC Board member.

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