The division is based ‎out of the Shoaibi Group's Head Office in Al Khobar


Saudi Petrovalves Company Limited


The Shoaibi Group and Integrated Electronics Trading Co. Ltd. (INELCO), (one of the trading arms of the Shoaibi Group), are the joint venture partner and exclusive agent for PetrolValves Srl respectively in Saudi Arabia.

PetrolValves Srl, established in 1956 in Italy and has a direct presence in the United States, Mexico, Norway, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Algeria, Singapore and Saudi Arabia, is a leading manufacturer of valves for the Oil and Gas industry. PetrolValves continually produces the most sophisticated engineered valve products for Refining, Offshore Platforms, Subsea, Oil and Gas Transportation, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Drilling sectors.

PetrolValves’ areas of specialization include PTA (Purified Terephthalic Acid), Hydrofluoric Acid (Alkylation), Cryogenic (LNG), and Hydrogen, Geothermal processes, HIPPS, etc. PetrolValves line of production includes some of the most sophisticated valve products in the world. Although PetrolValves supply commodity valves, PetrolValves’ strategy has always been focused on the development of custom or niche products designed according to customers’ specific requirements. PetrolValves’ products include Gate / Ball / Check / Globe / Choke / Control Valves and production starts from ½” and extends to 110” with pressure ratings of ANSI 150 to 4500 and API 2000 to 20,000. PetrolValves has the experience of utilizing the most exotic materials and produces valves for high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, large diameter and critical services. Major clients include Saudi ARAMCO, KOC, QP, ADCO, ADNOC, Shell, Texaco, ExxonMobil, BP, NASA, Esso, Statoil, Repsol, PDVSA, Pemex, etc.

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