Property Development

The Shoaibi Group has several material long term investments within the Saudi Property Development sector. The Shoaibi Group will continue to look on an opportunistic basis at property development projects.


Masaken Real Estate Development Company (Saudi Arabia)


Masaken was established by four large and successful business groups that are based in the Eastern Region; Shoaibi Group being the lead investor.

Masaken is a real estate development company that develops ‘Good Value’ houses for the Saudi family. By a ‘Good Value’ house, we mean a house that is:

  • Of medium size (around 400 m2 of built area)
  • Efficiently designed
  • Well constructed
  • Elegant and
  • Is not expensive to buy

We believe that our ‘Good Value’ houses are exactly what a young Saudi family needs.

Head Office:

P.O. Box 1280, Al Khobar 31952,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
T: +966-13 898 4400;
F: +966-13 893 3923