Group Profile

Headquartered in Al Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with operations and investments across the Middle East and extending to North Africa, Europe, and North America, Shoaibi Group offers dedicated market expertise and commercial support that encourages the development of innovative technology mainly to create business growth and shared opportunity.

Through its international partners, joint ventures, and subsidiaries the Group operates in manufacturing, services, product distribution, and investment predominately for the oil, gas and petrochemical sector across the MENA region. Shoaibi Group is dedicated to investing in research and technology that will offer oil operators proven game-changing applications for all phases of oil and gas developments.  

The Group is also an active venture capital and private equity investor in the financial services and telecommunications sector, both regionally and internationally and is a founder investor in Gulf Capital, Gulf One Bank, Kalaam Telecom, Saffar Capital, Venture Capital Bank, Walaa Insurance and OakField Capital Partners.

Vision & Mission

Become the leading regional oilfield services provider in the MENA region through a commitment to its employees, partners and the advancement of innovative technology.

Shoaibi Group strives to establish long term business relationships with partners who have a similar culture of integrity, professionalism and innovation.