Executive Management

The Shoaibi Group is made up of a talented workforce of dedicated professionals ‎with significant market and technical knowledge to offer its partners.‎ It is our people’s commitment to innovation, pursuit to keeping up to date with ‎the latest industry developments and high professional integrity that has allowed ‎the Shoaibi Group to become one of the premier private groups in Saudi ‎Arabia and “partner of choice” to many leading international firms.‎


Martin Pearson


Chief Operating Officer

Martin Pearson is the Chief Operating Officer of the Shoaibi Group and is responsible for the operation of the Group.

Martin qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse gaining experience in audit, restructuring and corporate finance work Thereafter, he has worked for both privately owned and publicly quoted companies in financial and operational roles covering a variety of industry sectors, including fast moving consumer goods, retail and recruitment.

Martin holds an A.C.A. and a B.A. (Joint Hons) in Economics and Agricultural Economics, from the University of Nottingham, United Kingdom.