Board of Directors

The Shoaibi Group is made up of a talented workforce of dedicated professionals ‎with significant market and technical knowledge to offer its partners.‎ It is our people’s commitment to innovation, pursuit to keeping up to date with ‎the latest industry developments and high professional integrity that has allowed ‎the Shoaibi Group to become one of the premier private groups in Saudi ‎Arabia and “partner of choice” to many leading international firms.‎


Mark D. Jenkins


Non-Executive Director

As a Shoaibi Group principal Director since 2002, Mark oversees the Shoaibi Group's operations, finances and marketing across Saudi Arabia, in addition to leading the Group in its strategic corporate investments and joint ventures.

Mark is the former Chief Executive Officer of Shoaibi Group, and has served on the Board of Directors since 2002.

Mark has served the Shoaibi Group for over 14 years, and has been instrumental in the group’s development over this period which has seen the group be successful both in phases of growth and more challenging times.  In this period Mark delivered exceptional returns to the group, culminating in its successful exit from the oil and gas portfolio. Mark will now support the Board as a non-executive director in its new investment holding company strategy development and execution.

Mark additionally serves as a Non-Executive Director of Access ESP a leading artificial lift technology company based in Houston, and as a Non-Executive Director of Kalaam Telecom in Bahrain.

Mark was previously Executive Vice President of Corporate Development for the leading European IT services company, Atos Origin and served on the Board of its joint venture company in the Middle East. Furthermore, he has held senior management positions with Philips Electronics N.V. of the Netherlands and qualified as a Chartered Accountant advising on corporate finance related matters with PriceWaterhouse in the United Kingdom. In the course of his career Mark has advised on or led over 150 transactions, including acquisitions, disposals, mergers, joint ventures, private equity and venture capital investments and financing with a combined value in excess of US$ 10 billion.

Mark Jenkins has an A.C.A. as well as a B.A. in Accounting (Hons) from the University of Kent, United Kingdom.