Shoaibi Group Companies

In its business dealings, the Shoaibi Group operates through a number of different ‎companies, which are typically specific to the type of sector and its locations in ‎which it does business. The following outlines the key Shoaibi Group companies ‎and provides a summary of their activities.



Suhayl Bin Abdul Mohsin Al Shoaibi & Sons Holding Company Limited

Suhayl Bin Abdul Mohsin Al Shoaibi & Sons Holding Co. Ltd. (Shoaibi Group), has historically acted as the primary holding company of the group and as the lead partner in a number of joint ventures with international companies focused on the oil and gas industry operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Over the course of the Shoaibi Group’s history it has partnered with many renowned international partners; including Halliburton, Mc Dermott and Technip amongst many others. The Shoaibi Group has provided valuable support in market entry and subsequently successful development of these businesses; and in many cases successfully realized this value on a sale to our partners or third parties over the years.

In September 2014 Shoaibi Group agreed to sell, subject to consents and regulatory approval, a number of its oil and gas portfolio in pursuit of a diversification strategy. Shoaibi Holdings WLL is the wholly owned Bahraini holding company of the group and is operated from the Al Moayyed Tower in the Seef District.

Walid Al Shoaibi & Brothers Holding Company Limited

Walid Al Shoaibi & Brothers Holding Co. Ltd was formed to act as a holding company of new business operations as a part of a diversification strategy with a focus of developing a foot print in:

  • Education
  • Food Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Recruitment
  • Renewable Energy
  • Training