Corporate Social Responsibility

At the Shoaibi Group, we recognize that our job involves more than creating value for our partners and clients.



Shoaibi Group realises its responsibility to support a much broader spectrum of stakeholders, because the health and vitality of our company is closely tied to the well-being of the communities we serve, both in Saudi Arabia and internationally.

As a result, the Shoaibi Group pays close attention to the issues that are important to each of our stakeholder groups – partners, clients, employees and the community– and that touch directly and indirectly on various aspects of our Group’s operations

Shoaibi Group is committed to corporate social responsibility (“CSR”) – and we have made this one of our continuing objectives. We believe that our CSR objective is intrinsically linked to the goals we have set for ourselves as an organization – to provide a good return on our stakeholders’ investments, to provide world class services to our clients, to offer our employees a great place to work and to be a positive influence in the communities where we do business.


Saudi Cancer Foundation

King Salman Center for Disability Research